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.STAECO(Rizhao) Successfully Completed The Painting of B737-800 Type Aircraft  
.STAECO(Rizhao) Completed the Painting of 6 Asian Games Themed Aircrafts.  
.The First Asian Games Themed ?Aircraft B-1673 Was Entire Painted and Successfully Delivered.  
." Xian Gaoxin"?Themed Aircraft B-8146 Was Entire Painted&Pasted With Film.  
.The First 2C Check of E-190 Type Aircraft Was Carried Out and Successfully Delivered.  
.B737CL air freighter of Central Airlines was fully faded and successfully painted as designed within 10 days.  
.On December 6, 2019, STAECO (Rizhao) Carried Out the First A320 Type Aircraft Maintenance Work and Successfully Delivered.".  
.On November 3, 2019, STAECO RZ Completed H225 Type Helicopter was Successfully Delivered after"Reloading".  
.On October 29, 2019, STAECO RZ Completed and Delivered the Painting of HK BELLAWINGS First Cross-Border VP-C Registered Aircraft.  
.On October 20, 2019, STAECO RZ's New A320 Series and GV-SP Model Approvals was Approved.  
.STAECO RZ Carry Out the“Tide Xiaoshan” Whole Aircraft Painting Work for Loongair Airlines.  
.STAECO RZ Carry Out the Fourth Whole Aircraft Painting of Reignwood Airlines Smoothly Out!  
. STAECO RZ Autonomous Implementation of the “Twin Otter” aircraft Whole Aircraft Paintting Successfully Delivered.  
. STAECO RZ Has Completed and Delivered Iridium +ADS-B Modification of Hebei Airlines ERJ190 Aircraft for the First Time.  
.STAECO RZ Successfully Passed the First Annual Inspection of the Bureau's Maintenance System.  
.STAECO RZ Implemented Colorful Guizhou Airlines Second ERJ190 Aircraft Smooth Appearance.  
.STAECO RZ Implemented the Inspection of Challenger 850 Aircraft B-3373 for Astro Aviation and Deliveried.  
.STAECO RZ Successfully Delivered the First ERJ190 Aircraft 1C Inspection of Colorful Guizhou Airlines  
.Cayman Registered Aircraft of Astro Aviation Has Completed the Scheduled Inspection at the STAECO RZ Base.  
.The First-Cargo Aircarft of JD Logistics Finished Paintting Works.  
.STAECO RZ Has Obtained the CAAC Approval.  
.STAECO RZ Engineering Project was Officially Launched on July 28, 2018.  
.STAECO RZ Engineering Project was Finished on July 19, 2017.