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.On 9th Sep,2020.STAECO(RiZhao) obtained the certificate of standard measurement examination for tools.
.On 30th Jul,2020.STAECO(Rizhao)Completed the Painting of First G650 Business Jet.
.On 8th Jul,2020.STAECO(Rizhao) Completed the Painting of 6 Asian Games Themed Aircrafts.
.On 15th Jun,2020,The First Asian Games Themed Aircraft B-1673 Was Entire Painted and Successfully Delivered.
.On 22nd May,2020, " Xian Gaoxin" Themed Aircraft B-8146 Was Entire Painted&Pasted with Film.
.On 18th May,2020,First 2C Check of E-190 Type Aircraft Was Completed and Successfully Delivered.
.On 8th May,2020,STAECO(Rizhao) Was Qualified With Bonded Warehouse.
.On 6th May,2020,STAECO(Rizhao)Obtained Maintenance Ability of E-190 Type Aircraft,including 25000FH/18000FC/126M.
.On 9th Apr,2020,STAECO(Rizhao) completed the painting of the first B737CL Air Freighter.
.On 6th Dec, 2019, STAECO (Rizhao) Carried Out the First A320 Type Aircraft Maintenance Work and Successfully Delivered.

.On 3th Nov, 2019, STAECO RZ Completed H225 Type Helicopter was Successfully Delivered after"Reloading".

.On 29th Oct, 2019, STAECO RZ Completed and Delivered the Painting of HK BELLAWINGS First Cross-Border VP-C Registered Aircraft.

.On October 20, 2019, STAECO RZ's New A320 Series and GV-SP Model Approvals was Approved.

.September 7, 2019,STAECO RZ Carry Out the“Tide Xiaoshan” Whole Aircraft Painting Work for Loongair Airlines.

.September 6, 2019,STAECO RZ Carry Out the Fourth Whole Aircraft Painting of Reignwood Airlines Smoothly Out!

.On April 30, 2019, STAECO RZ Successfully Delivered the First ERJ190 Aircraft 1C Inspection for Colorful Guizhou Airlines.

.On April 16, 2019, STAECO RZ Implemented the Inspection of Challenger 850 Aircraft B-3373 for Astro Aviation and Deliveried.

.On March 25, 2019, ZHEJIANG LOONGAIR First Independent C Inspection Opening Ceremony was Held in STAECO RZ Maintenance Base.

.On January 22, 2019, STAECO RZ Base Successfully Delivered the First Cayman Registered Aircraft for Astro Aviation.

.On December 20, 2018, Qingdao Airlines Made its First Stop at STAECO RZ , Kicking Off the Strategic Cooperation Between the Two Sides.

.STAECO RZ Obtained the JMM Approval on Dec.12, 2018,and Became the 145 Maintenance Company Recognized by China, Hong Kong and Macao.

.STAECO RZ Obtained the CAAC Approval on Oct. 29, 2018.

.STAECO RZ Base Welcomes the Second Aircarft to Enter for Maintence-Funian Aviation G450 on Oct. 12, 2018.

.East China Civil Aviation Administration and Shandong Supervision Bureau Officially Approved CCAR-145 of Civil Aircraft Maintenance Company STAECO RZ.

.On August 24, 2018, Chairman Guo hongsheng Accompanied a Group of Aviation Experts from the Northwestern Polytechnical Universit to rizhao for an Inspection.

.On August 23, 2018, Director General of the Civil Aviation Administration of China Feng zhenglin Arrived STAECO RZ to Have an Inspection with Leaders of the Comprehensive, Planning Airport Department, Air Traffic Control Office, etc, Deputy Director of the East China Administration of Civial Aviation, Jiang chunshui; Director of CAAC East China Air Traffic Control Bureau, Yu bo; Director of Shandong Administration of Civil Aviation, Ba wei.

.On August 16, 2018, STAECO RZ Organized the First "STAECO RZ CUP" Basketball Game.

.On August 9, 2018, Guian Fire Protection Organization Carried out the Fire Protection Knowledge and Emergency Drill Training.

.On the morning of July 28, 2018, STAECO RZ Project was Officially Completed and Put into Operation, Marking Another Solid Step in the Development of the Aviation Industry in Ri zhao City.

.On July 22, 2018, the First Aircraft Gulfstream G-450 of Fu Nian Aviation has Entered STAECO RZ Base for Maintenance, Marking the STAECO RZ Base is fully operational.

.On July 19, 2018, STAECO RZ Project was Officially Completed, Marking the First High-Standard Aviation Maintenance Training Complex Came into Usage.

.On November 28, 2017, Secretary of Rizhao Municipal Party Mommittee Liu xingtai and mayor Qi jiabin, Together with More than 300 Members of the Leading Groups of the Municipal party Committee, Municipal Government, CPPCC, National People's Congress and Local Frontier Army, Visited STAECO RZ Aircraft Engineering Project.

.On February 27, 2017, the Donggang Environmental Protection Branch Investigated the Site of the Proposed Plant for the Rizhao People's Hospital Renovation and Upgrading Project and the STAECO RZ Aircraft Engineering Project, and Participated in the Project Environmental Impact Statement Technical Assessment Meeting.

.On feb 16, 2017, the foundation stone of the STAECO RZ Aircraft Engineering Project was Laid on the Morning and the Vice Mayor Xun mei Attended the Event. Positioning This Project for Aircraft Maintenance Base and Training Base.

.At the Beginning of 2017, the Rizhao Airport Economic Development Zone was Established By the Municipal Party Committee and Government.